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There are some types of tapes that could be labeled as commodity tapes. These are typically tapes that are used in large volumes and which are pretty price sensitive. Some examples of these types of tapes are:

  • Buff and clear packaging tapes.
  • General purpose masking tapes.
  • Red and white striped barrier tape.

A portion of the cost of these tapes is made up of servicing accounts and covering other people’s bad debts. Our intention is to eliminate these costs factors so that you get the best deal possible. In order to qualify for our volume pricing, the following conditions would need to be met.

  • The minimum quantity for that tape needs to be purchased.
  • Payment needs to be made and cleared in advance.


  • The pricing below is an indicative estimate only based on recent information 2014. This must please be confirmed before placing your order or quoting your customers as due to the very low margins, prices can change on a daily basis.
  • Prices are for Johannesburg collection and exclude VAT. If you require delivery, that will need to be quoted separately as per your specific order. For foreign customers or goods leaving the country, VAT must still be paid, unless the goods are transported using a transport company paid by us.
  • These products are usually in stock at the factories, but we cannot process rush orders or same day orders using these prices due to the risk of fraud. Usually a lead time of 2-4 days is common. Please contact our distributors for urgent orders at their normal rates (see our contacts page).

Indicative prices based on 01 April 2014 information (please confirm as this changes regularly
agent@tape-market.co.za ).

Buff and clear packaging tape 48mm x 50m rolls
Minimum quantity 3600 rolls (100 boxes)
Volume price R4.90 per roll + VAT
Volume prices available on other sizes of this product too.

General purpose masking tape 18mm x 40m, 24mm x 40m, 36mm x 40m rolls
Minimum quantity (80 boxes) which is 3840 rolls for 18mm, 2880 rolls for 24mm, 1920 rolls for 36mm.
Note that the combinations of sizes needs to be 80 boxes. It is not necessary for 80 boxes of each size.
Volume price 18mm - R5.90 per roll + VAT, 24mm - R7.90 per roll + VAT and 36mm - R11.80 per roll + VAT.

Red and white striped barrier tape 75mm x 500m rolls.
Minimum quantity 500 rolls (packed in plastic, not boxes).
Volume price R39.80 per roll + VAT.

To confirm prices and other details please contact us on agent@tape-market.co.za


Last update: July 2015

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