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The Tape Market provides you with a fantastically wide range of adhesive tapes, industrial tapes and a variety of related products. By using a low overhead cost model and relying on the internet, we are able to bring low tape prices to all. This is a one stop site for all your adhesive tape requirements and those hard to find tape products.

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This month’s featured products on special are:


Size in
mm x m

Price / roll
Excl VAT


Branded barrier tape with warning message or company logo.

100 x 500


2-3 weeks

Non-adhesive flagging tape in various colours

24 x 50



Black non slip adhesive tape

50 x 10



Aluminium Foil tape

48 x 50



Currently our most popular products are:



Size in
mm x m

Price / roll
Excl VAT


Most popular

Barrier tape red/white stripes

75 x 500




Aluminium foil tape

48 x 50




Duct tape

48 x 25



New tape products:

We have recently found suppliers for the following adhesive tapes and so they have become part of the product range we can offer:

April 2014 - Non slip (anti slip) tapes now available in clear and black/yellow stripes in addition to the normal black.

September 2011 - We are now able to source the yellow and green striped PVC electrical insulation tape used on the earth wire. Contact us for more information on this product.

May 2011 - Coloured vinyl packaging tapes. This tape is typically used to close cardboard boxes, much like the buff and clear packaging tapes, but where a coloured tape is desired. The side of the tape with the adhesive is normally white in colour. A common example of where this tape is used is in retail stores where security will seal customer’s shopping bags to reduce the risk of shop lifting.

September 2010 - Pipeline warning tapes which are buried above cables or pipes as a warning to anyone digging in that area in the future. The two new messages are “Fibre Optic Cable below” and “ Sewer below”. These complement our existing “Electrical cable below” product.

March 2010 - Non drip tape or cork tape. This is a butyl mastic type of tape which can be wound around pipes containing cold water from refrigeration. The tape insulates the pipe and prevents air moisture condensing on the cold pip surface. With no condensation, there is no dripping water and no mess.

December 2009 - Die cutting of tapes. We are now able to provide certain die cutting services. Should you need your tape to be cut into certain shapes, we are now able to do so. Each enquiry will need to be quoted individually as there are so many variables in this service. Simply email us with your requirements.

July 2009 - Coloured vinyl tapes for colour coding on pipes. Coloured bands are used to identify the contents of pipes. Often unusual colours are required and we are now able to source some of these for you.

April 2009 - Greasy cloth pipe wrapping tape used to wrap around pipes to prevent them from corroding. Typically used by plumbers and pipe line contractors.

March 2009 - Lass tape. A 48mm wide black PVC tape used in the airconditioning and refrigeration industries, normally to seal and hold thermal insulation in place.

February 2009 - Plain red and white reflective tape that is suitable for use on trucks and trailers. This is expanding on our existing yellow product and is made to the ECE104 specification which is what is required by the road traffic act.

October 2008 - Biodegradable flagging tape. Same application as normal flagging tape, but this product will disintegrate after several months when exposed to the natural elements. Reduces unsightly litter and environmentally friendly.

July 2008 - Engineering grade reflective tape. This adhesive tape is available in several colours and is useful for whenever a sign or object needs to stand out at night when light is shone on it.

May 2008 - Printed packaging tape. Similar to buff and clear packaging tape, but with your own message printed on it and used to seal cardboard boxes.

March 2008 - Anti slip or non slip tape. A rough sand paper type tape that can be adhered to slippery surfaces such as pool sides, stairs, kitchens, etc to help improve traction and therefore prevent people slipping.

February 2008 - Double sided cloth tape, often known as GDA or carpet tape. Typically used to hold items in place, such as carpets and vases.

January 2008 - Sandblasting tape used mainly on tombstones during the engraving process.

December 2007 - Yellow reflective tape required to be displayed on trucks, trailers and taxis by the Road Traffic Act. This is not your normal reflective tape, but is specifically designed for high visibility of motor vehicles at night.

November 2007 - Teflon tape which is a single sided adhesive tape with release liner that can withstand high temperatures and is therefore often used on heat sealing packaging machines.

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