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About us

The Tape Market is a fully online business so that you get the benefits of our lower cost structure. A typical bricks and mortar company will have huge overheads for warehouse buildings and office staff. We don’t.  We supply direct from factory to customer so no warehousing costs. We have no accounts staff as we don’t run customer accounts. We have no call centre staff or switchboard infrastructure, but operate through the far more cost effective medium of email.

Our automated process allows us to receive orders from customers and process them as quickly as a traditional method would. By using email for enquiries, we can contact the correct person with the necessary information behind the scenes and not leave you hanging on the line with a bumbling front desk sales clerk. When we originally had a switchboard our calls were allocated as follows: 20% staff personal calls, 20% account queries, 20% order placing, 10% order follow ups, 10% sales enquiries,  8% urgent order requests 7% wrong numbers, 5% unallocated. Most of these can be far more cost effectively and efficiently dealt with by email which leaves a written trail to prevent misunderstandings. Only the 8% for urgent requests are left a little frustrated by our system, but typically they would be no better off as their requests were often unreasonable or impossible anyway. Effective order planning can reduce the need for these calls.

The use of the internet can bring you great savings at this site as long as you are prepared to let go of the crutch of having to deal telephonically.

Our pricing is expected to be competitive due to our  low cost system. If you know of a supplier who can supply us product at even lower prices, then please direct them to our suppliers information page as they could benefit from the exposure we could provide them. Alternatively if they are not the importer / manufacturer, send us their quote and we’ll do our best to beat it.

Please don’t ask us for credit, we are not a bank.

If you prefer the more traditional way of doing your purchasing, we have appointed a real world distributor who you are welcome to deal with, although they will have their own pricing to cover their costs. their contact details are on our contacts page.


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Last update: July 2019