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Pipe colour coding tape

Pipe colour coding tape is a coloured plastic adhesive tape with good adhesion, and available in a wide range of colours.

It is used to wrap around piping at various intervals. The combination of colours indicates what substance runs inside the pipes and black arrows can be used to indicate the direction of flow within the pipe.

Typically a combination of 3 or sometimes 2 colour bands together is what will be used as the colour code to identify the contents. For example a red band on the left with a green band in the middle and a blue band on the right could indicate that liquid arcton is flowing through the pipe. Those with oxygen, nitrogen, water, steam, oil, etc would all have different colour codes.

These color codes are convenient as it makes it obvious to maintenance crews and designers where pipe flows go and what can be expected from inside them. By using colours, language problems and confusion can be eliminated. If necessary, signboards can be erected to indicate any dangers associated with the various colour codes.

The width of each colour band will vary with each situation. Typically larger pipes or pipes that are further from common viewing points will require wider bands. Common widths include 25mm, 50mm and 100mm.

The tape is easily applied by simply wrapping it around the circumference of the pipe. The adhesive of the tape will then hold it in place. The next colour can then be applied next to it. Typically these colour bands will be applied every few metres along the pipe as well as at any bends, tees, valves or other important junctions.

Colour coding tape is quicker, simpler and less messy to apply than paint. There are also grades that can withstand several years of exposure to sunlight and general weathering before they begin to fade.

There are various standards that have charts which are often used to standardise colour codes for specific chemicals.

We have split our colour range into standard and extended colours. The difference is really only in availability, but this affects cost. Basically the extended colours are more difficult to source and are made at lower volumes which increases their cost.

Our standard colours are:


Dark Blue

Light Blue

Dark Green

Aqua Blue




Light Grey

Dark Grey



Light Yellow

Golden Yellow



The extended colours include:

Light Green

Lime Green

Navy Blue

Light Salmon Pink


Light Brown

Dark Red

Cream /Beige

Purple / Violet




It is important to note that due to the wide range of colours that may be required as well as the wide range of sizes that could be called for, we advise that you check on availability with us and please understand that these can’t be kept on the shelf. Instead we generally need several days to arrange for the cutting of stock.

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Last update: July 2019