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Printed barrier tape
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Printed barrier tape is a non adhesive plastic tape with printing on one side such as company logos, slogans, warning messages or similar. Useful for brand awareness at public functions and sports events. Often you will see red and white striped tapes on road side construction sites warning people of danger. This product is similar, but instead of the red and white stripes, we print what you require on the plastic. In some circles this product may also be known as bunting tape.

This type of tape goes by many names, and various versions can be known as: bunting tape, danger tape, cable tape, warning tape, advertising tape, event tape and logo tape.

A typical application would be at a sporting event such as a golf day where you want to cordon off an area to separate spectators from competitors.  The plastic barrier tape printed with either your corporate branding or some message can then be tied between metal poles to form a temporary fence or barrier along say a fairway. Road races are another common user of this tape but it can be used for just about any corporate function where you want to improve your brand awareness.

Other useful applications for printed plastic barrier tape are for safety around large industrial factories. Areas which are undergoing repairs or which have a specific safety risk may be cordoned off with a specific message of your choice such as “danger - falling bricks” or “bio hazard area” or “danger - explosive gas”.

There are no standard versions of this tape, rather in each case it will be designed and printed for you as per your specific branding or message requirements.

Some common things to note about this product:

  • This tape takes some time to produce. Typically a week is required for the artwork to be confirmed and then 2-3 weeks of actual production time is needed. There are too many different people involved in the whole process to make this happen much quicker.
  • The image or message you want printed repeatedly must typically not be longer than about 500mm.
  • Some product options have a limited width starting at about 240mm.
  • Artwork can be supplied to us in PDF format by email.
  • Special requirements such as different plastic thickness, coloured plastic, print on both sides, protective laminates, UV stability, luminous / reflective print, etc, can be done but will need to be quoted in detail and add significantly to the cost.
  • Note that a few standard versions of this product already exist such as red/white stripes, black/yellow stripes and electrical cable warning. These are stock items and have a much lower cost. See here for details.

Some example pictures of printed tapes can be found below:

Fibre optic warning tape

Danger and caution tapes

Branded barrier tapes

Logo branded tape


Last update: July 2019

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