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Suppliers Information

If you are a tape supplier, manufacturer, converter or importer, and you want your product listed on this website then please read below.

Advantages of listing your products on www.tape-market.co.za are:

  • The listing is free so there is no risk to you.
  • You have the option of being paid COD for your goods so no risk to you there either.
  • You receive free exposure for your products.

The process for listing your tape products is as follows:

1) Email us at suppliers@tape-market.co.za with:

  • A price per roll quote for the products you wish to have listed.
  • Minimum order quantity. Read here for more details on the effect of your minimum quantity.
  • Please make sure that the quote contains a detailed description of the product including full name, width, length, thickness, colour and any other important identifying information.
  • Validity time of the quote. Read here for more information on this.
  • Any delivery fee if you are not in the Johannesburg area.

2) With this information we will make an assessment (read here on how we make our decision) against our existing suppliers for each product you have quoted on. There are three possible outcomes:

    i) If we have no existing supplier for that particular product we will in all likelihood list your product on the website without any further delay.
    ii) If your product appears to be significantly better than our existing listing, we will replace it with yours on our website without further delay
    iii) If your quote is similar to our existing supplier or if we wish to have you on a probation period to determine product quality and service levels, we will list both products next to each other and let our customers decide.

3) If you are unsuccessful in your quote we will advise you as much. We will also let you know in which area we felt you fell short, but will not give away competitors pricing information. If you are successful with a listing we will require a single sample of each product and if possible a specification sheet, product application sheet and any other product information which may be useful for sales. See our contact page for where these products can be sent.

4) Once listed on the website we will need you to keep us updated with pricing, but other than that you can simply sit back and wait for us to send you orders. Any changes in pricing must be notified to us at least 10 days prior to the change taking place by e-mailing us at suppliers@tape-market.co.za. Please ensure that you receive a reply confirmation email that confirms our receipt of the price change. You will also need to advise us if you ever run out of stock. These things happen, but we would like to know this before the customer orders, not after.


More information on “minimum quantity”.

When specifying your minimum order quantity in your quote, you need to realise that we will impose that same restriction on our customers. We do not usually keep stock, but order when we receive orders. If you are an overseas supplier and you stipulate a minimum order of 1 20ft container, you will be wasting our time unless you consider the consignment stock option mentioned later in this paragraph. You need to remember that most of our customers typically buy a few boxes in each order. It is ideal if you specify no minimum (or one roll). Initially you may have a hassle factor as you receive several small orders , but at least you’re not turning any customers away. Once a base of  regular customers is built up, we will consolidate orders and you will no longer have to worry about small orders. You also have the option of supplying us consignment stock which would remain your property and would be held by a third party company. This would enable us to draw many small orders from the consignment and you could process a single weekly or monthly invoice which would make your administration much easier. For more information on this option email us at suppliers@tape-market.co.za.

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More information on “validity time”.

Validity time is the time period over which your quote is valid. If you choose a short period of 30 days, this will mean that you will need to send us a quote every 30 days to keep your listing. Rather choose a longer period of say 12-24 months. You would still be able to change pricing in this period, but must do so by email and ensure that you get a confirmation email reply from us.

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More information on the “decision process”.

Our priority is finding the lowest cost products for our customers so the main factor we consider is price per roll. It is however extremely important that we compare products of the same technical specification and performance. Poor product that keeps being returned is NOT the lowest cost! Where pricing is close we can also be influenced by services such as the provision of consignment stock and of account facilities. These help us provide better, faster and even lower cost services to our customers.

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Important note for foreign suppliers.

We will gladly list tape products from foreign suppliers, but you will need to be able to supply the product based on reasonable minimum quantities. Your pricing must include transport to us in Johannesburg. Most of our customers will typically order a few boxes of tape each time and for most tapes this makes it impractical to import for each order. We do NOT pay up front for stock. If you wish to supply you will either have provide us with consignment stock in South Africa which only gets paid for when it is sold or you will have to quote a price including courier or shipment costs based on your minimum quantity.


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Last update: July 2019