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Product name listed alphabetically

Various tapes and their alternative names are listed below in alphabetical order making it easier for you to identify what you can get from us. For more information please look at our contacts page for different options to get hold of us.

Aluminium foil tape
Anti corrosion tape, pipe wrapping
Barrier tape with stripes/chevrons
BOPP packaging tape
Box sealing tape, packaging tape
Buff packaging tape
Cable detection tape
Chevron barrier tape
Chevron PVC adhesive tape
Clear plastic tape, packaging tape
Demarcation tape (floor marking)
Double sided cellotape (RDA)
Double sided clear plastic tape (RDA)
Double sided cloth tape (GDA)
Double sided foam tape
Double sided polypropylene (RDA)
Duct tape
Ducting tape (duct tape)
Electrical insulation tape, plastic
Electrical insulation tape, PVC
Filament tape
Flagging tape
Floor marking tape
Foam tape, double sided
Foam tape, single sided
Gaffa tape (duct tape)
Gaffer tape (duct tape)
Glass cloth tape
High temperature masking tape
Lane or aisle marking tape (floor marking tape)
Lass tape (wide PVC tape)
Low tack protection tape
Masking tape, general purpose
Nitto tape (a brand name of PVC electrical insulation tape)
Non-adhesive plastic tape
Non drip tape
Non slip tape
Packaging tape, buff and clear
Pipe colour coding tape
Pipe wrapping corrosion protection tape
Plumbers tape (PTFE thread seal)
Printed barrier tape
Printed packaging tape
Protection tape, low tack
Protection tape, anti corrosion
PTFE thread seal tape
PVC electrical insulation tape
PVC chevron (striped) adhesive tape
GDA, double sided cloth tape
RDA, double sided polyprop tape
Reflective tape, general
Reflective tape for trucks and trailers
Security tape
Single sided foam tape
Striped barrier tape
Striped PVC adhesive tape
Teflon tape
Thread seal tape, PTFE
Vinyl packaging tape
Weather sealing tape (single sided foam tape)

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Last update: July 2019